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Saietta Electric Drive is for OEMs looking to gain competitive advantage from the pace of development, scalability and cost-effectiveness of Saietta’s modular electric drive innovation.

But competitive edge doesn’t come from products alone. Saietta’s added value also comes from expertise in the end-to-end product development process, including engineering services, testing, pilot production and licensing of electric motor technology.

These processes are fully-integrated into an OEM’s proprietary design and manufacturing processes, not only putting them in complete control of their development process, but also removing the most common blockers and fast-tracking OEMs to the start of production.


Go further

Saietta’s innovative Axial Flux Platform is fully-scalable, providing OEMs with powertrain solutions from scooters to buses.

We work with Electric Vehicle OEMs to understand their applications in great detail.
Only then will we design a bespoke electric motor-controller solution
that will meet the needs of businesses and end-users.


Go faster

All forms of transport are rapidly making the change to electric motor power

To help OEMs keep up with the rate of change, Saietta Group has looked at the development process as a single, more accessible source which is very different to other electric motor manufacturers.

First we understand your objectives and challenges and then we offer a bespoke solution, as opposed to a “here’s what we make, do you want it?” outdated approach.

So, we think from the outside-in, rather than the inside-out.

Saietta Group’s know-how in five key areas will help OEMs accelerate the change to electric vehicles from concept definition to volume production.


Engineering Services

Saietta designs bespoke electric motor-controller solutions for clients and confirms the packaging in the vehicle through CAD.



Saietta first simulates performance virtually. Prototype motors are then built and tested rigorously on in-house test rigs and then integrated into engineering mules and tested relentlessly on 20 miles of private roads at Saietta’s global engineering centre in Oxfordshire, UK.


Pilot Production

Saietta defines and pilots all the production processes, fully-integrating them with the OEM’s own proprietary processes.



Saietta is investing in production capability around the world to build motors for clients.



Saietta offers OEMs the option of lifting the production process and building motors themselves under license next to their vehicle production lines around the world, using their own supply chain.


So, whether you are in the early or more advanced stages of developing an EV, we would love to hear from you!