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Saietta’s motor break-through for lightweight e-mobility

British electric mobility innovator Saietta Group plc brings highly efficient, mass-producible Axial Flux Technology (AFT) e-motors to market Powerful, torque dense, compact and robust, Saietta’s high-tech AFT motors can be easily integrated into lightweight zero-emissions vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles, rickshaws … Read More

Saietta Group plc raising £37.5 million to accelerate growth strategy

Saietta to list on LSE’s AIM market, with expected gross proceeds of £37.5m and market cap of £102m at the issue price Specialists in e-mobility propulsion, Saietta has developed a proprietary Axial Flux Technology (AFT) electric motor family for global … Read More

Saietta showcases in-wheel motor technology

Saietta uses a smart mobility platform to demonstrate the feasibility ofin-wheel motors for inner city electric vehicles Located at the corners of the chassis, Saietta’s AFT 140 in-wheel electric motors are designed to offer leading performance at low speeds AFT … Read More

Saietta’s motor takes lightweight EVs 10% further

Independent testing confirms Saietta’s AFT 140 electric motor increases the range of a standard Renault Twizy by 10% Trials took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on public roads and across a wide range of weather and driving conditions Saietta’s high-tech Axial … Read More